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Becoming a CNA in Wyoming

Job opportunities for those who are in the healthcare field are quite good in Wyoming right now, and it seems as though the job market for certified nursing aides is going to continue to be robust in the coming years. With the aging population living longer, the need for pros who can work entry-level positions as CNAs in nursing homes and long-term care facilities is expected to grow. The average salary for fulltime CNAs in the state is about $25k, which is great given the cost of living in the state. If you've been thinking about a new career, CNA might just be what you need.

Requirements for CNAs in Wyoming

The state of Wyoming prescribes to the minimum federal requirements when it comes to training for CNAs. The Department of Health Services governs this area and ensures that all of the training programs are going to have at least 75 hours of training. The training has to include classroom study, as well as at least 16 hours of hands-on training under supervision. One of the things that makes Wyoming a bit different is that after one starts working as a CNA with a license, he or she is still going to need an additional 16 hours of training under supervision at the facility.

It's possible to find reimbursement for the cost of training if you have a job in the field before, during, or within 12 months of your training and exam. The reimbursement does not cover the cost of your uniforms though. You are going to need to have scrubs for your training in the clinic, as well as when you start work. Scrubs are affordable, and some facilities will even provide them. However, not all do.

You should find CNA classes in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Casper, Laramie, and other metropolitan areas around the state. Check to see what locations are closest to you and then get started with your training.

Certification and Licensing in the State

Pearson Vue takes care of administering the CNA exam that you will have to take in order to receive your license. The testing is going to have two parts, a written portion and a skills demonstration. The cost of the test is $98, but you have to pay an additional $60 application fee. If you choose, you can take the multiple-choice portion of the test orally at no extra charge. Once you pass, you are a part of the state registry. You have to renew every two years and have at least 16 hours of employment as a CNA in that time. You also have to have at least 24 hours of in service education in that time.

Benefits of Being a CNA in Wyoming

You will find many job openings for CNAs because of the high demand. It should always be easy to find a job when you are a part of the state registry. It's also a step in the right direction if you decide that you want to further your education and perhaps become a nurse someday. Having a career where you actually help others is a great feeling too.

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