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Becoming a CNA in Wisconsin

Wisconsin has some gorgeous rural areas and some bustling cities, and amidst those locations lives a population with many entering their senior years. Due to this, the demand from employers for trained professionals in the medical field is higher than ever. The need for certified nursing assistants is high right now, and it seems as though it is only going to keep getting higher in the coming years. The annual average salary for a fulltime CNA is $24k, and the worker is also usually going to receive benefits from their employers as well. The cost of living is a bit lower in the state, so the salary is livable.

Requirements for Wisconsin CNAs

One of the things that help to set Wisconsin apart from some of the other states is the fact that it has more stringent requirements than the federal minimums. The courses in the state are going to be at least 120 hours of training. The program needs to have at least 32 hours of that training time dedicated to hands-on training in a clinical workplace. As federal law dictates, it is possible to have reimbursement for the training and exam costs if you have a job as a nurse aide before, during, or after training as long as it is within 12 months of graduation.

You should be able to find CNA classes in Green Bay, Appleton, Milwaukee, Madison, and other locations. Courses are available throughout many other parts of the state as well, and you should be able to find employment in those areas as well.

Even before you consider employment, you have to think about your uniforms. During school, when you are doing your clinical training, you are going to need to make sure that you have scrubs. The scrubs are easy to find and they are affordable. Just make sure that you have several pair available.

Licensing and Registration in Wisconsin for CNAs

The Department of Health Services in Wisconsin regulates and controls the licenses, but they rely on Pearson Vue to give the examinations. The test has two parts, just as you will find in all of the other states. You have to be able to pass both portions. Part one is the multiple-choice written exam. You also have to take the skills portion of the test, which is going to require that you are able to demonstrate your skill in certain areas. The cost of the test is $115. After passing, you go onto the state registry. Make sure that you renew your license every two years. As with many other states, you have to show proof of at least 8 hours of employment as a CNA in that time.

CNA Benefits

Those who choose to become CNAs in Wisconsin will find that it's going to be easy to find employment because of the high demand for the workers. In addition, it is nice to work in a field where you actually get to help people and make a difference in their lives. If you want more out of your career, you will find that it's easy to further your education. You might even want to become a nurse one day.

Wisconsin Department of Health Services:
Pearson Vue:

120 hours of total learning with 16 hours of classroom-based learning and 32 hours of clinical training

Upon passing the exam, students are eligible to work at any type of facility that employs certified nursing assistants in the state.

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