CNA Certification Requirements in West Virginia

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Becoming a CNA in West Virginia

Becoming a CNA now could be one of the best things you do for your career. The demand for CNAs is huge and it is still rising. West Virginia has an aging population, and employers are currently seeking CNAs who are able to work entry-level positions and provide good care for these patients. The same is happening in other states, and certified nursing assistant is one of the fastest growing jobs in any sector. The current average salary for a CNA in West Virginia is around $21k annually, but this does not factor in the benefits that many employees are going to receive from employers.

Requirements for CNAs in West Virginia

In West Virginia, you will find that the requirements are a bit higher than they are in some other states. You are not going to need to have a GED or a diploma to start your training, but the training is longer than the federal minimum of 75 hours. The training in WV is going to be 120 hours. At least 65 hours of the training is going to be classroom study, while the remaining time is going to be hands-on training. Costs, naturally, vary with the programs. If you are employed before, during, or within 12 months after training as a nurse aide, you are eligible for reimbursement for your costs.

Of course, the reimbursement is going to cover the program and not the expenditures that you made for your uniforms. Fortunately, the scrubs that you will be wearing are affordable. They happen to be available on and offline and they have a number of different styles too.

CNA classes are available in Charleston, West Virginia, Morgantown, Parkersburg, and other locations throughout the state. You should have no trouble finding a place that is in your area so you can start learning.

Licensing and Registration

The CNA licenses in WV are from the Department of Health and Human Resources, and the state recently underwent a change as to their test provider. Regardless, the test is going to consist of two parts, a multiple-choice test as well as a skills test. With the skills test, you are going to have to demonstrate techniques you learned during training to ensure your competency when you enter the job market. After you pass your test, you will be on the state's CNA registry. You will have to renew your test every two years and show proof of employment for at least 8 hours during that time.

The Reasons to Be a CNA in West Virginia

One of the best reasons to pursue a career in the field is because of the high demand. You are not going to have much trouble finding work in long-term care facilities, nursing homes, and other facilities throughout the state. Another nice reason to choose this career path is so you have more experience that can help you if you decide to go further and become a nurse one day. Helping others is always a nice feeling, and as a CNA, that's exactly what you will be able to do.

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