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Becoming a CNA in Vermont

The need for entry-level employees in healthcare is growing rapidly throughout the country, including in the state of Vermont. Employers at long-term care facilities, nursing homes and other locations find that they are in need of more CNAs, and the demand does not seem as though it is going to diminish much in the coming years. For those in Vermont who have been wondering what career they might want to pursue, that of a certified nursing assistant could be a good one to choose. The average annual salary for the position is $27k, and the employees have benefits as well.

Requirements for CNAs in Vermont

One of the things that make CNAs a bit different in Vermont from other states is the fact that there is no minimum educational requirement. You do not have to have a GED or a high school diploma. In fact, some even begin their training while they are still in high school, so that they have a career awaiting them when they get out. The courses in the state generally follow the federal minimal guidelines of 75 hours split with classroom training and hands-on experience. Training costs vary, but you could be eligible for reimbursement if you have a job before, during or within a year after your training.

It is possible to find CNA classes in Burlington, Vermont, Pittsfield and other areas around the state. Look for a program that is in your area so that you can get started.

Something else that you will want to do is make sure that you have scrubs available. The scrubs are the common uniform that many in the healthcare field wear daily, and you will need them when you start work. You may also find that they can be useful during your training. They are affordable and available online as well as in many stores today.

Registration and Licensing

The CNA licenses in the state are available only after you take and pass an exam from Headmaster, a testing company. They will provide you with a written exam, which you can take orally for an additional $10. You will also have to take the practical exam, which has a skills test. You will need to demonstrate the things that you learned in class. The cost of the test is $90. Once you pass, you will go onto the Vermont Licensed Nursing Assistant Registry. You have to renew every two years at a cost of $30, and you need to have proof that you've worked at least 400 hours as a CNA in that time.

Benefits of Becoming a CNA

As mentioned, this is an in demand career, meaning that it should not be overly difficult for you to find gainful employment once you finish your training and pass your test. Knowing that you have jobs awaiting you is a great feeling. Another feeling that you will love is in knowing that you are working in a field where you are actually helping people every day. The decent salary and the benefits are just icing on the cake!

Vermont Department of Health:
Vermont Licensed Nursing Assistant Registry:

CNA classes, a state exam and then registering with the Vermont Licensed Nurse Aide Registry

Certifications need to be renewed every two years

Minimum 75 hours

The Vermont State Board of Nursing requires verification that the applicant has successfully completed a three credit class on the basics of nursing.

Applicants need not have a high school diploma or a GED but must be 16 years or older

Complete a personal interview and screening exam successfully and attend an information session of Curriculum and Finances

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