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Becoming a CNA in Utah

Like many other states, Utah is seeing a rise in their aging population. People are living longer, and that means the need for healthcare professionals is growing quickly. Utah, and other states, is finding that they have a rising need for certified nursing aides who can help in nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and in other capacities. Because of this growing need, it means that those who have been looking for a great career in Utah might just have found one. The average salary in the state for a fulltime CNA is going to be about 24k, along with benefits. More time and experience can lead to greater pay.

Requirements for CNAs in Utah

Before you can become a CNA, you need to have the right training. The Utah Department of Health governs the programs in the state that offer training via the Nursing Assistant Registry. All of the training courses in the state have to be at least 80 hours long, and they need to have a split between classroom training and actual training in a workplace setting. The price of the courses varies, but is around $400 on average. Of course, it is possible to have reimbursement for your training if you have a job before, during, or within a year after graduating and passing the CNA exam.

You will have to make sure that you buy your own scrubs though. Buy some before you start schooling, as you will probably need them for the clinical portion of your training. You are also going to need them when you start work. They are not very expensive, so stock up whenever you get the chance.

CNA classes in Salt Lake City, Utah are just the beginning. You can find courses and employment in other areas as well including American Fork, Ogden, and Grand Junction.

CNA Testing and Licensing

In order to receive your license and to go onto the registry, you have to be able to pass the test from Headmaster. The test includes a written and a practical portion where you will demonstrate your skills. You need to be able to pass both portions. The test is $70. Once you pass, you are going to be on the registry and eligible for employment as a certified nursing aide. You have to renew your certification every two years, and need to show at least 200 hours of employment as a CNA during that time. This requirement is higher than it is in many other states.

Reasons to Pursue a CNA License

Those who enter the field will find that they are going to have steady employment because of the high demand from employers. The jobs have good benefits from employers for the most part, and they can be a great starting point for anyone who hopes to further their career in the medical field one day, perhaps even getting into nursing. Helping others is a big part of the job as well, and that is reward enough for many people.

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All nurses in training must have both their knowledge skills and abilities tested

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