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Becoming a CNA in Tennessee

More and more employers in the healthcare field are seeking certified nursing aides at the entry level to fill rapidly growing positions. In Tennessee, and other areas of the country, there is a high demand for CNAs who can work in nursing homes, long-term care facilities, hospitals and more. This is partly due to the aging population that is living longer. Those who choose to become CNAs in Tennessee will find an average salary of about 21k per year in the beginning, although this can rise with experience and time in the job. They also receive benefits, and the cost of living in the state is lower than it is in many other parts of the country.

Requirements for CNAs in Tennessee

The training requirements in the state are going to fall in line with the federal requirements. This means that the classes you take will contain at least 75 hours worth of study. In the course, you have to have at least 16 hours of classroom training and at least 16 hours of hands-on experience. The instructor will determine the ratio. You will find that many of the CNA classes are a bit longer to provide more instruction. The cost of the classes varies, naturally. You may be eligible for reimbursement for course and exam costs if you find employment before, during or within a year of graduating and passing your test.

You should be able to find CNA classes in Memphis, Tennessee, Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Clarksville or in their surrounding areas. You can find the classes in other parts of the state as well, just as you will be able to find employment in other parts of the state.

Always make sure that you have scrubs available. During your training, you will likely need them for the clinical portions. You are also going to need to have them for your actual job when you find one. Scrubs are a great, cost effective uniform that ensures you do not ruin your own clothing.

Certification and Licensing

CNAs in Tennessee must first be able to pass the exam provided by D&S Diversified Technologies, LLP. Just as you would find in other states, the exam is going to consist of two parts. You will have the written portion, which you can take orally at no extra charge if you prefer. You also have to pass the practical portion, where you will show your skills that you learned in class. After passing, you will be on the state registry, but you have to make sure that you renew every two years. You have to have proof of at least 8 hours of employment as a CNA during that time.

A Great Opportunity

Being a CNA offers many benefits. The work is abundant, and you should have no trouble finding employment. The pay is good for the location, and the job can give you a better insight into the medical field, so that you can determine whether you want to pursue a career as a nurse. Helping others is also one of the key benefits of the career.

Tennessee Department of Health:
D&S Diversified Technologies, LLP:

Must sit for a state competency exam. The exam must be taken within 24 months after completing a training program.

Must last for a total of 75 education hours.

One of the two years must be completed in a long-term care facility

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