CNA Certification Requirements in Rhode Island

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Becoming a CNA in Rhode Island

Rhode Island might not be the largest state in the Union, but it does have quite a few great opportunities for those who are considering a position in the healthcare field. The position of certified nursing assistant is growing rapidly in Rhode Island, just as it is in many other areas of the country. It promises to be a great career option for anyone looking for an entry-level position in the healthcare field. The average salary for those working fulltime in RI as a CNA is 29k, along with benefits. This is higher than the national average, making RI a perfect choice for those interested in the field.

Requirements for CNAs in Rhode Island

The requirements for the classes in the state are higher than classes stipulated by federal standards. The courses in the state are all at least 100 hours long and have at least 20 hours of hands-on training under supervision in a clinical setting. Most students are going to be able to complete the coursework within a few months at most. The cost of the courses varies based on where you take them, but you will find that reimbursement is possible for the training and exam costs if you have employment before, during, or within 12 months after completing training and testing.

The CNA classes in Warwick, Rhode Island, Providence, Cranston, and other areas are often available. You should be able to find some great courses from which to choose no matter where you might be in the state. You can also find some wonderful places to work, such as clinics and long-term care facilities, around the state.

Make sure that you have an adequate supply of scrubs that you can wear during your training and when you are at work. The scrubs are the common uniform that many hospital workers wear. They are affordable and easy to clean. Some employers may provide them, but not all do.

Testing and Registration in Rhode Island

The training program that you take is going to administer the CNA test to you in Rhode Island. The test is similar to those in other states, as it is going to have two different parts. You have to be able to pass the written test as well as the practical exam where you show the skills you've learned. The test costs $55, and requires a $40 registration fee. Once you pass, you will have your certification and be registered on the state registry. Renew your certificate every two years and provide proof of at least 8 hours of employment as a CNA during that time. The renewal costs $40.

Benefits of Being a CNA in Rhode Island

Those who choose this career will find quite a few different locations throughout the state where they will be able to work. The pay is decent, and it's a great step on your way to other careers in the medical field. You will also love the feeling you get from helping people who need it.

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