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Becoming a CNA in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a populous state with large cities and rural villages dotting the landscape. The state, like many others, is having a boom in the job market for those jobs relating to healthcare. With a growing population that's aging, more and more certified nursing aides are necessary. Those who are looking for a great entry-level position in healthcare will find that Pennsylvania is a great place to take courses to become a CNA. The average salary for those in the field is $22k in the beginning, but it is a great first step on the road to other careers in the medical field.

Requirements of CNAs in Pennsylvania

The requirements for becoming a CNA in Pennsylvania are more intensive than the federal requirements. The courses that you take are going to be at least 120 hours long, and will include classroom training as well as clinical training. The number of hours can differ based on the program that you choose. The goal is to make sure that you are ready for your CNA exam, and that you are ready to enter the workforce with the skills you need to care for people. The cost of the course can vary as well.

You can find CNA classes in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, Allentown, and Bensalem among other areas. Find a class that's in your area and get started with your training.

Because you are going to be working in gaining practical clinical experience, you are likely going to need to have scrubs that you can wear to class. These are what you will probably be wearing when you get a job as well. Scrubs are affordable and easy to find, so stock up on them.

Testing and Registering

You need to be on the state registry, and the only way that is going to happen is by taking and passing the CNA exam. The written portion of the exam contains multiple-choice questions, but that is just the first part. You also need to be able to demonstrate your skills and show that you are able to perform the duties CNAs regularly perform. Once you are able to pass both portions of the exam, you are going to go on the registry and be eligible for employment. You need to make sure that you renew your license every two years. You need to work at least 8 hours in the capacity of a CNA during those two years in order to be eligible as well.

It's a Great Career Choice

Becoming a CNA really is a great career choice that can bring about some nice benefits. The salary and actual benefits are good, but even more it's a great step on the ladder to other careers in the medical field. Going to a job everyday where you are able to help people is a nice feeling as well, and it is something that you do not get from many other careers very often. It is also nice to know that the job is always going to be in demand.

PA Department of Health:
Pennsylvania Dept. of License Verification:

High school diploma or GED

Physical exam and two tuberculosis tests from you doctor

Proof of residency and a Pennsylvania State Police CHRI background check prior to attending class.

72 classroom hours and 42 clinical hours

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