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Becoming a CNA in Oregon

The demand for certified nursing assistants is going up, and that should be good news for anyone who is thinking about a career in healthcare. With the aging population, more and more jobs are going to start becoming available in the medical field, particularly for CNAs, who are able to help care for the elderly. The experts say that the market is going to expand by 20% in the next few years. Those who are seeking a great career in the state of Oregon should consider finding CNA training now to get the qualifications needed to take advantage of the job boom. The average salary for workers in this field in Oregon right now is 26k, as well as benefits.

Requirements for CNAs in Oregon

The Oregon State Board of Nursing regulates the training programs in the state and makes sure that they adhere to the guidelines and provide the right instruction to students. One of the things that you will note about the training in this state is that it is longer than it is in many of the other states. Instead of merely meeting the federal minimum of 75 hours total, the courses in Oregon features 75 hours of classroom study and an additional 75 hours of clinical training and experience. This provides students with all of the skills they need to enter the workforce.

Training costs can vary, but one bright spot is the fact that you might be eligible for reimbursement. If you are employed at a facility before, during, or within 12 months after receiving your license, then you could receive reimbursement. You can also find courses for CNA Level 2, which provides more skills and can increase your earning potential. You can find CNA classes in Portland, Eugene, Salem, Gresham, and other locations in the state.

You will need to purchase your own scrubs while you are in training, as you will need them for the clinical experience. You are also going to need to have scrubs when you are working in a care facility or hospital. They are not overly expensive, and you can find a wide range of options.

The CNA License and Testing

After taking your course, you still have to pass an exam before you can receive your license and become a part of the state registry. Headmaster Testing Services takes care of the tests. Just as you will find in other states, the test in Oregon features two parts, a written or oral exam, and a demonstration of your skills. The cost is $106, and is $35 extra if you prefer the oral exam. You have to renew your certificate every two years, and have proof of at least 400 hours of employment as a CNA in that time. Renewal is $50.

Benefits of Being a CNA

The job is in high demand, so you should never have trouble finding work, which should be a very good feeling. Employers also offer a decent wage for your services, and you are going to be working in a field where you get to help others. It makes a nice entry point for those who want to learn more and advance further in the medical field as well.

Oregon State Board of Nursing:
Headmaster Testing:

Complete the Oregon CNA training program

A state competency examination must be passed

Pass a criminal background

Pass 75 hours of classroom training

Complete 75 hours of clinical training

Gain 24 hours of classroom patient contact

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