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Becoming a CNA in Oklahoma

The job outlook for CNAs is growing faster than average when compared with other jobs. In fact, experts expect it to grow by as much as 20% in the coming years because of the growing elderly population. More and more quality employees are necessary in long-term care facilities. You will find that this is true in many states, including Oklahoma. If you want to find a career that has quite a bit of potential and that is going to be in high demand, consider becoming a certified nursing aide. In Oklahoma, the average salary for someone in the career is 26k, plus all of the benefits received from their employers.

Requirements to Become a CNA in Oklahoma

You need to have training to become a CNA, and all the training in the state is regulated by the Oklahoma State Department of Health. The training in Oklahoma consists of 120 hours of training, and at least 16 of those hours need to be hands-on clinical training. Many times, it is possible to complete these courses in about a month or so, which means that you can start your career even sooner. The cost of the program varies, but you will find possible reimbursement if you have a job before completing training or within a year after.

You are going to be able to find CNA classes in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, as well as Tulsa, Norman, and many other metropolitan areas. You should have no trouble locating a good program that's not too far from you on your quest to become a CNA. After receiving your license and registration, you can find work in clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes around the state.

Scrubs are the uniform that most CNAs are going to wear regularly. While you will not receive reimbursement for the scrubs, they are not very costly. Some employers may actually have scrubs available onsite, but most prefer to buy their own.

Testing for the CNA License

Licenses from the state are issued only after you are able to pass a test that D&S Diversified Technologies, LLP administers. As is the case in states, this two-part test consists of an oral or written exam as well as a practical demonstration of the skills you learned in training. After you pass, you are going to be able to be on the state registry. The test costs $95 to take. You have to renew your certification every two years with proof of 8 hours employment as a CNA.

Reasons to Be a CNA in Oklahoma

Those who choose to become a CNA in Oklahoma will find quite a few benefits. The salary is nice, but that's not the only reason to pursue this career. You will also find that it's a great stepping-stone for those who want to expand on their education further and become a nurse. It is also a nice job for those who are looking for a career where they can help others. Because the growth in this sector is rising quickly, you should not have trouble finding work either.

Oklahoma State Department of Health:
Oklahoma Board of Nursing:

Criminal background check, recent tuberculosis skin test and current CPR certification

75 hours of clinical training

After taking the certification exam, you need to register with state

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