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Becoming a CNA in New Jersey

New Jersey has a lot more to experience than just the Shore, and it happens to have a growing job market in the medical field. Those who have been contemplating a change in career and who want to find a good, reliable entry-level position in the healthcare field will find that taking a CNA program is a great option. CNAs who are working fulltime in the state are able to make an average of about 32k per year, not to mention benefits, which is higher than the national average. Of course, it depends on experience as well as where the individual is working.

Requirements for Becoming a CNA in the State of New Jersey

Certified nursing aides are in demand, but you have to make sure that you have the right training and your license if you want to enter the field. Fortunately, you will be able to find CNA classes in Newark, New Jersey, Camden, Jersey City, Toms River, and other areas across the state. Some long-term facilities can provide training as well. Just as you are able to find training, you can find employment in just about every area of the state as well!

The CNA training courses in New Jersey are going to consist of at least 90 hours of training, which is a bit higher than the federal minimum. They will have 50 hours of classroom training, and 40 hours of training in the field at clinics. The federal minimum is 16 hours of clinical, supervised experience, so you can see that these additional hours are going to pay off and provide students with better skills when they enter the workforce.

If you have a job at a facility during training, or if you receive one within 12 months after training, you will be able to receive reimbursement for your program. You will still have to buy your own scrubs for school and work though. They are affordable though, and should not be over your budget.

Registering and Taking Your CNA Test

If you hope to get a job in the state, you have to become a part of the state's registry. They way to do that is to take the CNA test after you complete and pass your course. Pearson Vue is going to administer the test, which costs $86. The test includes a written portion as well as a portion where you physically demonstrate the skills that you learned while you were in training. Once you pass your test, and you're register with the state, you can start as a certified nursing aide. You will have to renew your license every two years and provide documentation that you have worked at least 8 hours as a CNA during that time.

Great Reasons to Pursue a CNA Career

You will be able to find steady, good employment all around the state. The demand for this job is on the rise, and that's a great thing. You will also find that the pay for the job is quite good in New Jersey too. Many use the CNA job as a step on the ladder to other careers in the medical field, and you might want to do the same. Helping others and providing care is also a nice feeling.

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