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Becoming a CNA in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is a small but beautiful state that has a lot to offer those who make their homes there. The state also happens to be a place that has a high demand for people in the medical field, just as so many other areas of the country do today. If you have been looking for a career that is in medicine and that you will be able to start soon to take advantage of job openings, then you might want to consider becoming a certified nursing assistant. CNAs in the state are able to make an average of 25k per year, and it is a good position for those who are thinking about delving deeper into the medical field. You do need to have proper training though.

Requirements of CNAs in New Hampshire

The New Hampshire Board of Nursing regulates the training programs throughout the state, making sure that they follow the minimum guidelines set forth by the board. In NH, the programs are going to be a minimum of 100 hours of training, which is higher than the federal requirements. The program has to split the training between the classroom education and the actual practical training in a clinical setting. While this is longer than the federal minimum, you will find that many of the courses are even longer to provide trainees with better preparation.

You should be able to find CNA classes in Concord, New Hampshire, Dover, and other cities. Employment is available in the larger cities as well as in rural areas. Medical personal are necessary everywhere.

The cost of the training programs can be around $1000, which is still quite reasonable when one considers how much he or she will learn. In addition, it is possible to have reimbursement if you are hired at a long-term care facility. New Hampshire also offers other options for further training, which can give you more skills.

One thing that you will have to pay for is your uniform and clothing costs. For the training and your job, you are likely to need scrubs. They are affordable, come in many styles, and are easy to find, so you shouldn't worry about them too much.

The State Registry and Your License

If you hope to find employment in the field, then you have to be a part of the state registry. This means that you have to take and pass the CAN test from Pearson Vue. The test includes a written exam as well as a demonstration of your skills. The cost is $125, with another $40 registration fee. After you pass your test, you will be able to get on the registry, but you have to renew your certificate every two years for $35. Something else that makes the state different is the fact that you will have to have 200 hours of employment as a CNA and 12 hours of continuing education. This is more than other states.

Why Become a CNA in New Hampshire?

CNAs are able to make decent wages, but even more than that, they have jobs that are always in demand. You will find that you can take your skills and apply them when you are furthering your education to become a nurse as well. It's also nice to have a job where you can help others.

New Hampshire Board of Nursing:
New Hampshire Online Licensing:

Attend 12 weeks of study in the CNA field

Attend two year community college that consists of 144 hours is required as well

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