CNA Certification Requirements in Montana

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Becoming a CNA in Montana

One of the jobs that remain in high demand in the state of Montana is that of a certified nursing assistant. It is likely that the healthcare field is going to continue to grow, and this means that entering the field and getting training to be a CNA now could be a great career move. Those who are in the field are making an average of around 25k per year, plus benefits. Of course, it depends on experience as well as where they are working. This is a great entry-level position in the medical field, but you do have to make sure that you have the right training first.

Requirements for the Position of CNA

The Montana Department of Public Health regulates the CNAs in the state, and you will find that training is available in a number of locations. While there are many small towns throughout Montana, you will find that there are some larger cities as well. You can find CNA classes in Billings, Montana, Missoula, and other areas around the state. The courses that you find will at least have the federal minimum of 75 hours. This will include classroom study as well as a minimum of 16 hours of hands-on training. Some of the programs are longer.

You will even have reimbursement from Medicaid if you find employment during your training or within a year after your training. You will not have reimbursement for your uniform and clothing though. The scrubs that you wear in training and in your regular work are affordable though, so you should not have too much trouble fitting them into your budget.

CNA Licensing and Registration

The Montana Department of Public Health provides the licenses, but you have to do more than just take and pass the course. You also have to take and pass the two-part CNA exam. It is going to consist of a written portion with multiple-choice questions, as well as a practical exam that has you apply the skills you've learned. After you have your license, you are still going to need to renew every two years, and have at least 8 hours of work as a CNA in that period.

A Good Career for Many

Getting into this field is a nice choice for many people, and becoming a CNA is a great way to start. Many find that they want to learn and do more after they have their CNA license. They will often want to go back to school and may even take nursing courses. The salary provides a decent wage given the cost of living in the area too. With the rise in demand for medical professionals, another one of the top reasons to choose this field is to make sure that you have steady work. People are always looking to hire CNAs. Although, the biggest enjoyment that most people are able to get from the job is the joyful feeling they have of helping people and making their lives just a bit easier.

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