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Becoming a CNA in Minnesota

Minnesota has some beautiful places to experience thanks to the bountiful wildlife and natural areas. It can be a great place for you to work and choose a career where you can make a difference as well. If you are someone who is looking for a job that is going to be reliable and steady, and a field where you are going to be more likely to find work in the coming years, then the medical field is the place to be. Those who choose to take a CNA program in Minnesota will be able to make an average of between 24.5k and 28k per year plus benefits.

Requirements for Becoming a CNA in Minnesota

The Minnesota Department of Health governs the training in this field, and it is easy to find CNA training classes in St. Paul, Minneapolis, and other areas of the state. It is also possible to find employment in these locations as well as smaller areas with a rural setting. If you are thinking about becoming a part of this field, it is important to find a high quality course.

All of the courses in the state are going to comply with the federal minimums of being at least 75 hours with 16 hours of clinical training. However, you will find that quite a few of the courses go above this 75 hours to provide deeper training so you are fully ready to enter the job market after taking the course and passing the exam. Students do not have to have their GED or their high school diploma to take the course. The average cost of the class is about $600, but this can vary. If you have a job at a nursing facility during training or within a year after, the facility is required to reimburse the costs.

However, they are not going to reimburse the cost of your scrubs. You will need these for training as well as for your work. Fortunately, they are affordable and easy to find!

Certification and Testing

The Minnesota Department of Health will provide the licenses. The testing will often occur at the training facilities, but it depends on the program. The CNA exam, so that you can receive your license and become a part of the state registry, has two parts. You will have to pass the written exam as well as the practical skills portion of the test to receive certification. After passing, you still have to renew every two years with proof of a minimum of eight hours employment as a CNA.

Choose to be a CNA

When you are a CNA, you are working in the medical field and providing real help for those who need it. You can work closely with nurses and doctors, and you can use your experience as a certified nursing aide to start training in other areas to expand your employment opportunities. You can make a good wage, and you can be sure that you are in a field that has plenty of opportunity employments from large cities to smaller towns.

Minnesota Department of Health:
Minnesota Board of Nursing:

75 hours of training

Pass mandatory tests required including a physical examination and a tuberculosis test.

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