CNA Certification Requirements in Michigan

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Becoming a CNA in Michigan

If your goal is to work in the medical field, and you are looking for a reliable and steady job, then you might want to consider schooling to become a certified nursing assistant. CNAs in Michigan can make between $25k and 31k per year, and they often have great benefits through their employers. The need for professionals in healthcare is going to be rising in the coming years, and that means that getting an education for this job now is a good idea. You are going to be able to work in a host of different environments, from nursing care facilities to hospitals. The first thing to do is look for the right training program.

Requirements for CNAs in Michigan

The Department of Community Health governs the training requirements for the state when it comes to CNAs. You will find a number of courses throughout the states. Take CNA classes in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Detroit and more. You will be able to find employment in densely populated areas such as Detroit, but remember that the smaller communities in rural areas are going to need trained professionals as well. You have plenty of options.

The coursework that you will undergo is going to consist of at least 75 hours of training. You have to have at least 16 of those hours as hands-on clinical training under supervision. Some courses are going to run longer than 75 hours though, to provide even more training. You are not going to have to have your diploma from high school or a GED in order to begin your training, which is different from many other states. The cost of the CNA classes in Detroit and other areas is usually around $750. However, if you are employed by a nursing facility during the time you take the class, or within 12 months after, the facility will cover the cost as required by law.

You are going to have to pay for your own scrubs though. They are low cost, and they are easy to clean and to find, so you should not have too much trouble. They even come in different colors and styles.

Testing and Registry

The Michigan Department of Community Health uses Prometric for the testing of prospective CNAs. The testing is going to cost $176.50. The test has two parts, a written and a practical exam administered by Prometric. After you pass the exam, you will have to renew every two years. The renewal costs $20 and requires proof of at least eight hours of employment as a CNA over those two years.

A Great Career Option

We've already seen that becoming a CNA in Michigan can offer a decent salary, but it is about far more than the immediate money that you will make. Many get into the field as a CNA and then decide that they want to use that as a step along the path to other areas of healthcare, such as becoming a nurse. Knowing that you are in a field that helps people who are in need is also a nice feeling that few other jobs, especially cubicle jobs, are able to offer.

Michigan Department of Community Health:,4601,7-154-35299_28150_27529_27544---,00.html

High school diploma or GED in your possession.

Complete a CNA training program that is approved by the state of Michigan.

Pass a competency exam approved by the state of Michigan.

Pass a criminal background check.

75 hours of combined supervised and classroom training.

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