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Becoming a CNA in Massachusetts

Working in the medical field is a great option for those who are trying to find a career that is stable and that offers room for advancement. One of the best ways to enter the field in Massachusetts is to become a certified nursing assistant. The salary for a CNA in Massachusetts is quite good when you compare it with some other states, with many making between 25k and 31k per year. If working as a CNA sounds as though it might be a good idea, you are going to need to make sure that you have the right training to get into the field.

Requirements for CNAs in Massachusetts

As with some other states, you do not need to have a GED or a diploma to begin your training as a CNA. However, it can be helpful. The CNA classes in Boston, Canton, Brighton, Chelsea and other areas of the state are going to be a minimum of 75 hours long. You will have to have at least 16 hours of that training be with hands-on, practical experience. You will find that many of the courses are actually going to be a bit longer though; an in-depth look at the field. While the price varies, the average is going to be about $800.

It is also a good idea to make sure that you buy your scrubs when you sign up for the course. You will likely need them for the practical portions of the training. You are going to need them when you find employment as well, so buying them now is a good idea.

Certification and Registration

After you finish and pass your course, you have to take and pass the CNA certification test. The Massachusetts Red Cross handles the testing. The test, the Nurse Aide Competency Test, has two parts. You will have to take and pass both the multiple-choice questions as well as the practical skills exam. The test costs $93. After you pass the test, you are going to have to renew your certification every two years, and you need to have proof that you've been employed in the capacity of CNA for at least eight hours during that time. Once you have your registration with the state, you will be eligible to find employment.

Reasons to Become a CNA in Massachusetts

You want to have a job that is going to be dependable and stable, and you want to work in a career that is in high demand. The medical field is perfect for this, and becoming a CNA takes only a short time. The course is affordable, and it can lead to a great career with a good salary. You can take your experience and use that if you decide that you want to go further into the medical field and become a nurse. Another reason that so many people like being CNAs is that it is a job where they are able to work with people and help them when they need it the most.

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75 hours of nurse aide training.

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