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Becoming a CNA in Maryland

Working in the healthcare field can offer quite a few benefits, and Maryland is a state that seems to have a boom in these types of jobs right now. With the rising need for people who are in the medical field, thanks to an aging population that is living longer, it makes sense to start looking into healthcare as a viable career path. If you are on the search for a great job, consider becoming a certified nursing aide. The salary range for this career is between about 23k and 28.5k per year. You have plenty of options for training too.

Requirements for Becoming a Maryland CNA

The Maryland Board of Nursing dictates what the programs need to provide for your training in this field, and it is important to make sure that you are working with a board certified program. You are going to have to take a course that is at least 100 hours long and that contains both classroom training as well as hands-on training. In many cases, the courses are actually going to be longer than the 100 hours though, as the programs hope to include as much information as possible for their students. Because of this, the cost of the courses can vary widely.

One of the things about the CNA courses in Maryland that's a bit different from other states is that you can find additional types of courses that can provide even more medical knowledge to make you more valuable. This means it is a great program to consider if you hope to advance further in the medical field. You can find CNA classes in Baltimore, Maryland, Silver Spring, Towson, and other locations.

Always make sure that you have room in your budget for scrubs. Whether you are in training or working at a hospital, you are going to need to have several pair. They are an affordable uniform though, so you should not have to spend too much!

Your License and Certification

The Maryland Board of Nursing and federal law dictates that you need to be on the state registry. To get onto the registry so that you can find employment, you are going to need to pass the CNA test. The test costs $95, plus a $20 endorsement fee. The test features two parts, which include a written or oral exam as well as a test of your skills. Pearson Vue provides the testing. Once you pass your test, you are going to have to renew every two years for $40.

Why Choose the Path of the CNA?

Because of the high demand, you will find that you can work in many different environments, from larger cities to rural towns. Work in hospitals, clinics, and even small doctor's offices. You will make a decent wage and you can be happy in the fact that you are doing a job to help others. One of the reasons that some choose to become a CNA in Maryland is so that they can gain some good experience to help them on the way to becoming a nurse.

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