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Becoming a CNA in Iowa

If you are considering becoming a part of the healthcare field in Iowa, now is a great time to start on this career. The need for those trained in the field is growing, and this means that more opportunities should be coming to the job market in the coming months and years. Getting an education as a CNA now is a great option for those who are looking to further their opportunities. When you have the right training, you can find some great jobs. The average salary for those who are working in the field fulltime is 29k per year, which is higher than many other places in the nation.

Training Requirements for CNAs in Iowa

If you are thinking about becoming a CNA, you have to take a program that will train you in the field. The programs in Iowa are not as long as those in some other states are, but they are quite thorough. The course is a minimum of 75 hours with 30 hours of hands-on training in a clinical setting and at least 45 hours of in the classroom training. The cost of the course is quite affordable as well, and many programs start at just $150. Of course, this can vary based on the program. Sometimes, if you're already employed at a facility, the course is free.

You can find CNA classes in Cedar Rapids Iowa, Bellevue, Sioux City, and other locations around the state. You are also able to find employment in all of the different areas of the states.

Always make sure that you have money to buy your uniforms as well. This is true when you are in school as well as when you are in training. Scrubs are the common uniform, and you can find them online and in many stores today. They are affordable as well.

The Registry and the Test

The licensing tests are not state regulated in Iowa, but they do have to maintain a registry of CNAs. Those who are on the registry have their license, and this is something that the employers are going to be looking for when hiring. The training facility will be the one that administers the test, and this means that the cost of the test is going to vary. It is usually between $15 and $45. Renewal of the license is free, but you have to make sure that you have at least 12 hours of on the job continuing education each year.

Why Should You Become a CNA in Iowa?

You will have quite a few job opportunities as a CNA in Iowa. You will be able to work in clinics, hospitals, nursing homes and long-term care facilities. As the population ages, there is a greater need for professionals in this field. The pay is good, and the work makes you feel good at the end of the day. You know you are helping others as a CNA, and that's a feeling that so many other jobs just don't give you.

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