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Becoming a CNA in Indiana

The need for qualified medical professionals is growing in Indiana, and that should be great news for anyone who is considering becoming a CNA in the state. Certified nursing aides are often in demand, and that means that it should never be too difficult to take your skills and find a good employer. Of course, you do have to make sure that you have the skills and the license to take advantage of the need for CNAs first! Fortunately, you can find some great CNA classes in Indianapolis, Indiana, Fort Wayne, Greenwood and more.

What are the Indiana CNA Requirements?

The training programs located in Indiana for CNA training are going to have a minimum of 105 hours. They need to include at least 30 hours of training in the classroom, as well as 75 hours of hands-on training in the clinics. The high amount of hands-on training is great, as it shows students exactly what type of work they will be doing once they are out in the world with an employer. The cost of the programs will vary, naturally, but you will find that they generally cost between $500 and $1000, which is quite affordable. You may even be able to find some funding and scholarships that can help with the cost.

Your uniform is another cost that you have to consider. In training with some programs, as well as when you enter the workforce, you are going to need to have scrubs. They are easy to find, and they are an affordable option.

The Test and the Registry

After you take and pass your coursework, you still have to take the exam to make sure that you can receive your license. The Indiana State Department of Health is able to provide the test for you, and it is going to include a written portion as well as a test in a clinical setting. Passing the test is a prerequisite for getting onto the state registry so you can work. The test costs $75 to take. After you have your license, you will need to renew your license each year, and you have to have worked at least 8 hours as a CNA during that time. This is different from many states, which have a two-year renewal policy.

Top Reasons to Become a CNA in Indiana

You will be able to work in many areas around the state, including Indianapolis and Fort Wayne. Working in smaller communities is possible as well. Those who are in the field will have a good salary as well. Many will have starting salaries around 22k, which go higher with experience. CNAs are in demand, and the job makes a great step on the ladder that leads to other positions in healthcare. Becoming a part of this field now is going to provide you with some great opportunities. Of course, one of the best reasons to become a part of this field is to be in a job where you get to make a difference in the lives of those in need.

Indiana State Department of Health:
Indiana State Board of Nursing:

GED or a High School diploma.

75 hours of training.

When you pass all of the requirements, you'll be safe for 2 years until your examination must be taken again.

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