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Becoming a CNA in Hawaii

The island state of Hawaii is a gorgeous place to call home, and it can be a great place to enter the field of healthcare. Becoming a CNA in the state is a great option for many who are seeking a high quality career that has room for growth. It is possible to find employment, as well as training throughout many of the different areas on the islands. CNA classes in Honolulu, Hawaii and Maui are a great way to get started on the right career path, and you will find that you can work in a host of different types of environments, from large cities to some of the smaller, outlying towns. Because the cost of living is higher in Hawaii, you will find that the pay scale is a bit higher as well. Many will have a starting salary of around $25k per year.

Requirements to Be a CNA in Hawaii

Even though Hawaii might be small, you will still have plenty of options for where you can train to become a certified nursing aide. The Hawaii Red Cross is the group responsible for the testing in Hawaii, and they offer some training programs. One can find other schools that have training as well. You will find that most of the training courses in the state will include 150 hours, with the bulk of the hours in classroom and lab training. The remaining hours are going to be hands-on training in clinics. The cost of the courses varies, but one can expect to pay about $1000 for the training.

In addition, make sure that you budget for your scrubs. Scrubs are the common uniform of those in the field, and you may need these during your schooling. You will certainly need them once you are working in the field.

The Exam and the Registry

After you take your classes, you will be eligible to take the CNA test. The test consists of written questions as well as a practical exam that will test your skills in the type of tasks that you would normally encounter in a given day. Once you take and pass the test, you will be on the Hawaii nurse aide registry. The cost of the license is $250, and are from the State of Hawaii and issued by the American Red Cross. You have to renew your license every two years at the cost of $35, and you have to have worked at least 8 hours as a CNA over that period.

A Great Career Move

Becoming a CNA can be a great career move. You will be able to work in Maui, Honolulu, Kauai and other locations in the state and make a good wage doing so. You are also going to find that getting into the field is a great way to help others and know that you are in a career that makes a difference in peoples' lives. It can be a great step toward even bigger things in the healthcare field.

Hawaii Red Cross:
Hawaii State Nurse Aid Licensing Division:

Must attend a state approved course that is at least 100 hours in length

30 hours spent in classroom activities; 70 hours spent or dedicated to the clinical training

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