CNA Certification Requirements in Connecticut

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Becoming a CNA in Connecticut

Connecticut is a nice state with plenty of great places to call home. With the healthcare field growing, the state also happens to make a nice place to work for those who have an interest in the healthcare field. To enter this field, you do not need to have an advanced degree. As long as you have a high school diploma or a GED, you will be able to enter the training programs that you need to receive your license. Those who do pursue this career will find that the pay will generally begin at around $23k per year, with the potential for advancement. Starting pay will depend on where one chooses to work. Before getting the job though, one needs to have the right schooling.

CNA Training in Connecticut

All students who want to have their license need to find a program approved by the Connecticut Department of Health. These programs will include at least 100 hours of training. You will need to have 50 hours of classroom training, with your remaining time spent working in a clinical setting with close supervision. The training is thorough and will help to prepare you for taking your licensure examination for certification, as well as help prepare you to enter the workforce.

It is possible to find CNA classes in Branford, Connecticut, Stratford, and a number of other locations throughout the state, and even on the web. The cost of the programs will vary, but they will generally cost between 1k and 2k. In some cases, it is possible to find grants and funding that can help to offset the cost.

When you graduate and pass your test, you are going to need to have scrubs for your new job. However, keep in mind that you are going to be working in a clinical setting for much of your training as well, so you should have some scrubs on hand for your schooling. They are affordable, and you can find quite a few varieties.

Testing and Registering

Once you take and pass your test, you are going to be able to sit for the licensing examination, given by Prometric. You need to take this test within 24 months of passing your class. The test is going to consist of a written examination as well as a practical examination to test your skills. You will need to renew your license every two years, and during those two years, you need to have at least eight hours of paid work as a certified nursing aide.

A Job that Matters

When you choose to become a CNA, you are going to be working in a field that really matters and you are going to be in a position to help people who are ill or who cannot help themselves. It is a great entry point into the healthcare field, and you might even find that you want to pursue an even higher education eventually and move into nursing. You have plenty of options for great employment from Hartford to Bridgeport, New Haven, and beyond.

Connecticut Department of Public Health:
Prometric: :

Completion of one approved training program taking/passing the competency test within 2 years of finishing the training program.

Program must be 100 hours long and facilitated by a nurse who is registered with the state and qualified to teach it.

The competency exam is split into two parts, skills and written.

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