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Becoming a CNA in Colorado

Colorado is a beautiful state with a varied population filling large cities and small towns. The healthcare field is doing quite well in the state, and that is one reason that many are choosing to pursue it for their own careers. One of the job options that you might want to consider is that of certified nursing aide. Choosing to become a CNA is a great choice because the state needs people to enter this field to shore up their healthcare system. You should be able to find plenty of opportunities once you have your CNA certification. Those who enter the field should expect to make anywhere from 20k to 26k per year to start.

Getting Started on the Path to Becoming a CNA

The first thing that you are going to need to do is complete a training program that has the approval of the Colorado Board of Nursing. The program must have a minimum of 107 hours of training. At least 50 hours of training are going to be in the classroom, while the remainder is going to be hands on training in a clinical setting under supervision. Depending on where you do your training, the cost is going to vary, but it is quite affordable. It may also be possible to find some funding through the state to help pay for the costs if needed.

Certification and Registration with the State

After you take and pass your course, you are not a CNA quite yet. You are still going to need to take the national CNA exam through Pearson Vue in Denver. The cost of the exam is $95. The exam is going to consist of two parts � a written and a practical portion, and you have to pass both. The licenses will expire on Jan 31 on even numbered years, and you then need to renew. Renewal requires that you've worked at least 8 hours as a CNA somewhere in the United States during the past two years, or that you've taken and passed the CNA exam during that time.

Great Opportunities as a CNA in Colorado

Those who have their license will find employment opportunities in many locations. Taking CNA classes in Denver, Colorado or Boulder is just the beginning. You can find work in other areas of the state too, including Aspen, Castle Rock, Centennial, and more.

When you become a CNA, you will find that not only is the pay good, but so is the work that you are doing. Those who have always wanted to help people and to work in the healthcare field will find that becoming a certified nursing aide is a great solution. The work is steady and you can make a real difference. You can also find varied work in hospitals, clinics, adult care facilities, and more. Your uniform can vary based on where you work, but most will wear scrubs. Some facilities will purchase the scrubs for you, but most choose to buy their own so that they have a bit more variety.

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Must be enrolled in High School

Students learn about topics such as medical terminology and anatomy in first semester.

Second semester the students take up direct coursework or gain some amount of practical experience.

Become eligible to take the national CNA exam for certification after all courses, labs and clinical experience completed.

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