CNA Certification Requirements and State Registries for Nursing Aides

CNA Certification Requirements and State Registries for Nursing Aides

The reason for CNA state registries is to act as centralized databases in each state to track the certified nursing assistants who register for employment in your state. When a CNA passes the certification exam in their state, the CNA will then apply for required licensing with their state government. This process begins tracking a CNA within their state CNA registry.

Each registry will catalog all the CNAs who have completed legitimate certified nursing aide training and testing programs that meet their state's requirements.

Once you apply for employment within the CNA profession in your state, that facility will contact the state CNA registry to see if you meet all of the competency requirements and passed the CNA certification examination. The inquiry will also mark the prospective employee as an active or inactive CNA and whether they have maintained their employment within healthcare since receiving their license.

The state not only protects you by tracking your work but it also helps medical facilities who are looking for new employees.

CNA Certification by State including Registry information

CNA Certification Requirements by State:

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