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Encouraging Independence in Older Adults
How CNAs Can Become Patient Advocates in Their Own Way
Beating the Odds by Building and Strengthening Trust
Confused Patients? Eight Great Tips to Save the Day
Ten Things an Alzheimer’s Patient Wants You to Know
Creating Your Own Holiday Magic at Work
How to Effectively Cope with Patient Death
Eight Unspoken CNA Rules to Live By
Showing Hearing Impaired Patients That You Care
Tools and Equipment that Make Nurse Assisting Easier!
Confused Patients? Eight Great Tips to Save the Day
Should You Present Reality or Use Validation When Caring for Patients with Advanced Dementia?
Conserving Your Patient’s Energy: Know When It Counts and How to Do It
Practical Tips for Caring for Young Patients
Seemingly Harmless Manifestations in Patients that are Actually Dangerous
Eating Issues in the Elderly
Bluer than Blue: Caring for Patients with Clinical Depression
Be Kind and Restore Humanity in the Workplace
Procrastination: One of the CNA’s Biggest Regrets
How to Say it Loud and Clear to the Healthcare Team
Soft Skills That Will Make You a Superior Nursing Assistant
How to Protect Yourself at Work
Three Common Infections in Long-Term Care Facilities
Surprising Facts About Handwashing
What Color Is Your Patient’s Stool?
When Patients Are “Sundowning”
“Brush Up” on your Mouth Care Skills
Avoiding Diabetes Complications: Three Things a CNA Can Do
Patients with Speech Disorders

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Recent CNA Blog Articles
Encouraging Independence in Older Adults
Staying Strong as a Frontliner
What to Do When Your Nurse Partner is a Bully
Does Being and Introvert and a CNA Work?
Supporting a Coworker with an Emotional ‘Virus’
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