How the Universe Pays Back CNAs

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Nursing assistants have some of the biggest hearts in the world, enduring all the hardships and complications of illness, old age, and impending death while uplifting their patients during their worst moments.

Take the case of TunDe Hector, a CNA with a story that has brought tears to the eyes of many who were skeptical about the power of good deeds, excellent work, and compassion. More than a year ago, TunDe’s story was featured in several news sites and TV shows.

TunDe tended Judy, a patient with Parkinson’s and dementia. She even went the extra mile by coming in after hours to check on Judy. She showed real dedication and genuine care. Of all the hired healthcare workers who took care of Judy, TunDe stood out.

But, as life would have it, Judy succumbed to her ailments and later passed—exactly on TunDe’s birthday. Hearing about the news of her patient’s passing, TunDe rushed out to see the family in the middle of her celebration.

TunDe didn’t know that, before Judy’s death, the family recognized her extraordinary care for their loved one and decided to pay her back by asking mourners to donate to her education (she was studying to be an OBGYN nurse) instead of bringing flowers. They also started a fund-raising campaign.

To make a long story short, Judy’s family raised more than $37,000 in less than an hour! Naturally, when the family surprised her with the donations, TunDe was ecstatic, as she had been struggling to pay her school fees. When the news spread, more people came forward to help.

It seems the universe's payback has just started for TunDe.

Of course, rewards do not always come with this kind of story. They’re sometimes even better!

Seasoned CNAs who express love and passion for their work reveal the following rewards that no money can buy:

1. You learn the value of life, health, and family.

When you work in places where illness, disability, and death are a constant, you realize that family and health is real wealth, not material things. You witness people who can afford all the healthcare they need yet remain uncured, or those who spend every penny to save the life of a sick loved one.

Your work makes you value relationships more than anything else because, in the end, when confronted with a worsening disease or impending death, all you'll want are your family and friends by your side.

A clear head will tell you that for every decision you make, you should choose relationships and health above all.

We consider this the greatest reward for CNAs.

2. You get to apply your knowledge while caring for your own family.

Your training as a CNA will be invaluable when you take care of a sick loved one. You’ll be able to identify signs and symptoms, measure vitals at home, and use your instinct as to when you need more serious medical help. Plus, your knowledge of cleanliness and sanitation as well as proper nutrition and hydration becomes your foundation for a healthier life for your family.

3. You get the inner satisfaction of helping people.

Kind gestures toward others are natural ways to increase your happy hormones. Assisting people by helping them get better is the real feel-good deal. Working as a CNA will give you all the opportunities in the world to help, if you don’t let stress get the better of you. The universe is kind to those who give a part of themselves for others.

4. Patients and their family express their gratitude.

A sincere “thank you” from those you’ve helped truly warms the heart, and seeing their happy faces is a reward in itself. Their sincerity will motivate and fire you up, and make you ready to face challenges again with a full tank of new-found energy.

CNAs who love their work amidst the challenges reap the most returns in the long run. They are the ones who, after years of service, can look back and very much say they've become a better person because they chose to be a nursing assistant.


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