Nursing Assistants – Angels in Disguise

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I have spent many hours in hospitals and nursing homes visiting loved ones. There has been a common theme during each visit – the nursing assistants are angels dressed in scrubs.

When the call button is pressed asking for assistance, more often than not, it’s the nursing assistant who appears. The tasks can range from fluffing a pillow to helping with more intimate duties such as toileting, but the positive attitude and caring spirit remains.

Nursing assistants see people at their most vulnerable moments and must show strength and compassion at all times. Patients rely on their caregivers to help with those things they cannot do for themselves, but more importantly, for comfort and support.

As a certified nursing assistant, you have been well trained on feeding a patient, providing assistance to the toilet, giving a bed bath, as well as many other skills. However, some things can’t be taught – they come from within. It takes a special person to become a nursing assistant. One with a desire to make a career of helping and caring for others.

You know that each day will bring a different experience. You will get to know the patients and their families and see them at their best and worst. Your positive attitude and caring spirit will help guide them through each day. The work you do is invaluable to every healthcare facility and every person you care for.

To all those angels in disguise, thank you for the generous gift you give through the profession you’ve chosen as a nursing assistant.


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