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Becoming a CNA in Arkansas

Arkansas has a booming healthcare field, and that makes it an ideal state for those who are considering becoming a certified nursing aide. A CNA in the state is going to be able to find work in some of the large cities, as well as some of the smaller communities. The starting wage for CNAs in the state is between $18k and 20k typically. However, this can vary based on the location as well as the place of employment.

Requirements for Becoming a CNA in Arkansas

It is vital to have the right education behind you before you start in this field. You should have a high school diploma or a GED before you try to start your training. Once you do find your school, you are going to have to have at least 90 hours of training, some of which is going to be in the classroom, and the remainder of which will be in actual clinical experience. The cost for the training can vary, and in some cases, it is possible to find funding to help offset the cost. Typically, one of the courses is going to cost about $2000.

You should be able to find CNA classes in Little Rock, Arkansas and other areas. Getting your license means finding employment in places such as Fayetteville, Springdale, Fort Smith, and Jonesboro, as well as smaller communities. Your uniform will vary based on where you work, but you will find that scrubs are generally going to be the preferred option. This is great news since scrubs are affordable, easy to buy online and offline, and easy to clean. They even come in enough varieties to make even the most fashion conscious person happy.

The State Registry

The Arkansas Department of Human Services takes care of the CNA licenses in the state through Prometric. The cost of the exam is $89 and includes two different sections. You will have a multiple choice written portion of the exam, which will go over the things that you learned in your schooling. You are also going to have to take a practical exam, which covers the typical type of work that you would have to do on a daily basis in this field.

Once you pass both portions of the exam, you will be a registered CNA in the state of Arkansas. This means that you will need to renew your license every 24 months, and you must have worked at least eight hours as a certified nursing aide in that time in order to be able to renew.

Top Reasons to Become a CNA

Why would you want to become a CNA today? The pay can be quite good for someone without a college degree even when just starting out. You are also going to be working in a field that is set to keep growing and that should always have plenty of opportunities for you. In addition, you have the knowledge that you are doing a job worthwhile and that you are helping people who are in need.

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