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CNA Classes

CNAClasses.US - Free Online Nursing Assistant Practice Classes; Join our CNA Registry; Find Local CNA Classes

CNA Classes
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We offer 149 Free online CNA practice classes with quizzes for nursing assistants, nursing assistant students and all other visitors.

You can also Join our CNA Registry community of almost 28,000 members where you'll enjoy FREE additional member features like tracking your scores, very descriptive course rationales, regular newsletters and more.

You can also pursue local CNA classes in your area by filling out a simple form. Costs are often re-imbursed.

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Recent CNA Classes Completed

Bowel and Bladder
- 6 correct of 10 by cn4180755
Wandering and Elopement
- 10 correct of 10 by Dawn Kirk
Ambulation Assistance Devices
- 5 correct of 10 by cn4180755
Bath Preparations
- 10 correct of 10 by Dawn Kirk
Bathing, Dressing and Grooming
- 10 correct of 10 by rhodesila hoffman
Bathing, Dressing and Grooming
- 9 correct of 10 by rhodesila hoffman
Wheelchair Safety
- 10 correct of 10 by rhodesila hoffman
Patient Range of Motion Exercises
- 10 correct of 10 by rhodesila hoffman
Negative Effects of Immobility
- 10 correct of 10 by rhodesila hoffman

Try our Caregiver Examinations.

They cross over many different course topic areas to let you know how you are doing with your Caregiver education.

We will be adding new industry examinations regularly just as we do with our Practice Caregiver courses.

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CNA State Certification Requirements

Alabama CNA Certification

California CNA Certification

Florida CNA Certification

Georgia CNA Certification

Illinois CNA Certification

New York CNA Certification

North Carolina CNA Certification

South Carolina CNA Certification

Texas CNA Certification

Ohio STNA Certification

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Your CNA education is important to us.

Try our free CNA career training and CNA testing now and please visit often.

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A sample Knowledge Point Rationale from one of our C.N.A. mini-courses follows to give you an idea of what a nursing assistant needs to know. This sample will be changed every time that this home page is refreshed in the browser or displayed for the first time for a site visitor.

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Sample Knowledge Point Course Rationale

Lifestyles that include a high fat diet, obesity, smoking, a lack of physical exercise, and diabetes are all causes of CAD. The aging population has a higher death rate from the condition, but simply aging does not cause it. Nicotine, fats, and sugars are all sticky molecules that can stick to artery walls, causing build-up and narrowing of the artery. Many patients can have CAD without symptoms for many years. The CNA who knows the causes of CAD is better prepared to note symptoms and report them.


Which of the following is not a cause of CAD?

For example, the Answer is

Becoming elderly

Some Other Practice CNA Classes for you
Basic Skills - Safety & Emergencies - Medical Emergencies
Basic Skills - Data Collection and Reporting
Activities of Daily Living - Eating, Nutrition & Hydration

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